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White/Tint Lens

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White(clear) Lens/Tint Lens

White(clear) Lens :

  • B.C: 8.4/8.5/8.6mm. DIA: 14.0/14.2/14.5mm.
  • POW: 0.00~10.00 Moisture: 42%,
  • Materials: 2Hema, NVP.Extended-Wear Lens,
  • New technology contact lens making it most comfortable to wear
Tint Lens : [EOS] The Contact Lens includes a variety of tints, such as blue or green-centered partial tint, entire tint with blue green, the entirely tinted contact lens designed for a substitute for sunglasses is used for a widerange of applications, including works with an abundance of sunshine, If there is a difference in sight between eyes, both contact lens can be separately with different designs.